Monday, February 28, 2011

flossing is romantic

Matt plays this game where at any given time he asks me questions like...

Did you ever think you'd be snuggled on the couch, with your puppy and husband?

and to which I usually reply...

I hoped for it.

He's done this from the first day we got married. And the possibility of his questions are endless. Even on our honeymoon he asked me:

Did you ever think you'd be sitting on a beach in Kauai with your husband, drinking (virgin) pina coladas and eating pineapple?

I soon realized these are probably moments he never thought he'd have with his wife. He always told me, "I always thought I'd have to settle...and marry some ugly fat chick." Haha. Although it may not sound like the perfect thing to say, I understand what he's trying to say. He feels lucky. And those moments where he asks:

Did you ever think you'd having a husband that cooked for you?

Are the moments he locks away and cherishes forever.

At least that's what I thought until last night when he asked:

Did you ever think you'd be sitting on the toilet flossing your teeth with your husband?
No Matt, I hadn't. Hahaha.

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