Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fat & bald = married life

Recently Matt has become extra aware of his hairline.

This was our conversation last night getting into bed...after 5 minutes of him sitting 2 inches from the mirror, hair slicked back, studying every follicle of hair on his head.

Matt: My hair is reseeding! I'm going bald!! my backs going to be all hairy.

Me: What?? Haha. Why?

Matt: Because it's going to go from my head to my back.

Me: *totally confused now* Huh?

Matt: Well, that's what it does. It doesn't just disappear! Then I'm going to be one of those guy. One of those warewolf bald men at the beach...

*I'm cracking up now (because 1. Matt is far from bald and 2. we live in Utah...beaches non existant) as he continues on to what has now become a rant.*

Matt: ...and you wont want to go on tropical vacations anymore because of it. Maybe I should grow a beard! Then I'll be a bald man with a beard...

This continued on for the next 5 minutes or so as we both dozed off to sleep. I remember the words: bald and jewish, a lot though...along with whimpers. A lot of whimpers.

And although this may sound weird...this is kind of exciting don't you think?!
It's like we're starting a new phase in our life and relationship. The married and getting fat and bald phase! Well, bald or not, he's still my handsome prince charming and I say...(if he even IS going bald) bring it on.

This picture was taken the beginning of Jan 2010, 1 year ago.

Compared to this picture which was taken at the end of Dec. 2010

What do you think?
Balding, or the same?


  1. The wind is blowing my hair back in that second photo.. doesn't count.

  2. Alex is ALWAYS complaining about his hairline too!!! Must be a guy thing cause I could care less.

  3. Uh. . .it looks a bit different on the sides. Oh shoot now I'm going to make him sad. It's really not noticeable unless you're really studying like you told us to do.