Thursday, February 10, 2011

The weekend couldn't have come sooner.

My second shoot was a success!!

Let's hear it for being awesome and finally doing something right!

The waiting game between taking the pictures then processing them and actually getting to see them was/IS sooooo painful! But I literally almost peed my pants when I saw how beauteous my negatives turned out. And the pee didn't stop there either. When I got into the dark room and actually saw them...I could have cried. I will definitely be trying to scan and upload the gloriousness with all of you.

Until then...time to start the next assignment. *sighs* Wish me luck!

And happy early weekend!

p.s. Cookies were a success. Not only did they look delish but apparently they tasted good too... Which is a plus :)

p.p.s. Biology test taken. I have to wait until next week to find out how I did. Eeek! I basically studied so much! (Thank you, Matt and Meghan for helping me. What would I do without my wonderful family helping me study? Haha.) But even though there were some surprise questions I feel pretty good about it. So, yay me!

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