Monday, July 30, 2012

remember that one time we went to hawaii (part 1)

Since we got back from Hawaii I've been trying to put together a post but always end up getting distracted looking through our pictures. They're not extra amazing or beautiful. They don't look like they belong on a postcard (although, all of Hawaii belongs on a postcard.) But they sure help bring me back to what was the most amazingly fun and incredible week.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

happy 2 year anniversary to us

When Matt and I were approaching our 1 year mark, (our 1 year anniversary!!) I kind of freaked out. Matthew had no idea, but inside I was dreading it. I guess I had this silly notion that after the 1 year mark, the lovey-doveyness would fade away and things would "settle down" and we'd suddenly become a boring married couple. I kept hearing peoples voices in my head, "Oh! The first year is the best!

And I totally believed them.
Which means, I also believed no year after would measure up to that first one.

I also totally forgot the other half of that statement, which is, "The first year is the hardest." And more importantly, that Matt and I are individuals and are completely capable of creating the life we want to have. (Ahem. Glenna! If you don't want to be a boring couple you don't have to be!) Anyway, our first year came and went and we celebrated, but I was a little sad inside. 

If you haven't caught on by reading my blog yet, I'm kind of a weirdo for reasons like this. And, let's be honest, lots of other reasons too.

It wasn't until our 2nd year anniversary was coming up that I realized how freakingly more awesome our 2nd year was than our first!! Which, sadly, I thought was impossible. We had so many good and happy memories, memories that I still cherish and play over and over in my head to this day, during that first year! And yet, this last year was even better? Well, you can only imagine the kind of water works that realization brought on. 

I'm glad to say I no longer fear becoming a "boring married couple." Matthew and I love and married each other because we want the same life. Because we have the same goals. And because we bring something out of each other that no one else ever has. I'm glad to say that I know year number 3 is going to better than year 1 and 2. That the 4th will be better than the 3rd. It's only going to continue to get better and better until Matthew and I have been married for so long that we stop counting. And we'll be senile and forget how old we are, and what day it is. And everyone will know us as that really old, wrinkly, crazy couple that rides their cruiser bikes all over town going on adventures.
And I wouldn't want it any other way.

The end.
On June 19th, our anniversary, Matt took me swimming with the dolphins.