Friday, April 30, 2010

It Looks Like a Rather Blustery Day Today

Awe, the wind...

I HATE the wind. I hate the wind with a passion. If I had to choose between having my legs cut off so I only had 2 nubs and was called Nubby or living in a place with a constant wind storm...well, call me Mrs. Nubby. Not only do I hate the wind but guess who got to do her engagement pictures in it? Haha. Yeah. Try to look cute and romantic when your hair is being blown in circles around your head. It was a joke!
Luckily, Matt and I were able to just laugh about it and our photographer was GREAT! Don't get me started on Jessica Kettle (I heart her.) Her photography...GORGEOUS. She was really professional and nice enough to let us schedule a second shoot. Cross your fingers for us next time. Haha.

As for other wedding plans, the candy for the candy buffet came the other day!! YAY! 15 pounds of candy and you should have seen the UPS mans face when he dropped it off. I'm sure he thought I was some sick lady with a candy fetish, haha. We have a yellow and blue theme so it's going to look somewhat like this:

Pretty cute, yeah? Sadly, the 15 pounds wasn't enough and we'll probably end up ordering a few more pounds closer to the wedding. You know, spread the candy out...not give the UPS guy anymore ideas.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blogging...? ME!?

I must confess...I don't blog. In fact, I don't even READ other peoples blogs. I know!! I know. I'm a fish out of water and have no idea what I'm doing BUT that's ok. Who does? The fact is...I have expanded my wings. =) Excited? I am.

I guess the truth is...I'm finally of age. I finally have something TO BLOG about. Yes. What I'm saying is that I'm ENGAGED to be married!!! *Cheers and Applause*'s kinda exciting. Wait. What am I saying? I'M GETTING MARRIED!! One of the most important times of your life! I HAD to share it with the world. So =) Here I am. Blogging.

This is me. This is a blog about me as I plan my wedding and get ready for the rest of my life with my best friend and fiance. *Sighs*