Monday, February 28, 2011

flossing is romantic

Matt plays this game where at any given time he asks me questions like...

Did you ever think you'd be snuggled on the couch, with your puppy and husband?

and to which I usually reply...

I hoped for it.

He's done this from the first day we got married. And the possibility of his questions are endless. Even on our honeymoon he asked me:

Did you ever think you'd be sitting on a beach in Kauai with your husband, drinking (virgin) pina coladas and eating pineapple?

I soon realized these are probably moments he never thought he'd have with his wife. He always told me, "I always thought I'd have to settle...and marry some ugly fat chick." Haha. Although it may not sound like the perfect thing to say, I understand what he's trying to say. He feels lucky. And those moments where he asks:

Did you ever think you'd having a husband that cooked for you?

Are the moments he locks away and cherishes forever.

At least that's what I thought until last night when he asked:

Did you ever think you'd be sitting on the toilet flossing your teeth with your husband?
No Matt, I hadn't. Hahaha.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Have you ever wondered...

What you'd look like pregnant?

Is it sad I don't have to be pregnant to find out? Haha.
All I have to do is push my little fatty gut out and wala!

Yeah...not too proud of the fact.

p.s. Please excuse the grungy hair and clothes, the Husb and I just got back from rock climbing. It kicked our butts.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I call her Meggizzle but you can call her Meghan

You see this pretty lady?

She's my sister in law, Meghan.
We're pretty much tight.

Not tight as in..I have her in a tight head lock like that picture above. But more like, when I was sad and depressed after watching Prison Break she came over and was sad and depressed with me.

That's true sisterhood-in-lawism...?
(probably not a real word, but just go with it.)

Today she turns19!!
So in light of her birthday, I'm going to let you soak in some of her awesomeness.

And hotness...

Because this life can always have a little more Meggizzle in it. It would basically be dull without her...well...

You get what I mean.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Lately I have a thing for elephants.
Specifically, elephant all started with this one that Matt got for me from PacSun.
I wore this every day when I first got it. It wasn't expensive, isn't great quality, but I love it!
And then Matt got me this...

And now I'm obsessed.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The every day stuff

I've been feeling rather claustrophobic today. Maybe it's the snow we've been having for the last 24 hours, or the drab February winter weather...or Spring semester getting to me again (darn you spring semester.) Regardless. I can't help but look out the window and day dream of the adventures ahead of Matt and I.

Lately I've been getting the feeling that something big and exciting is in store for us. Maybe it's just because I've been daydreaming about how nice it will be when I'm finished with school and free to work wherever and whenever I want, God willing. I think about how fun it will be when Matt and I get to sit down, a map in front of us, and pick the destination of our future. And when we get there, the adventures that will lie ahead of us.

Is it sad I can't wait to have a home that Matt and I can decorate and renovate however we want? A home with a fireplace. I want a fireplace so badly! I want a kitchen with adorable back-splash that Matt and I chose together. I want bright colorful walls and pictures of happy things and people that we love...*sighs*

Sometimes I get so excited, it feels like it's never going to be here, it's never going to happen. But patience is one of my virtues, as tedious as it feels sometimes. I look at people that are years ahead of me and I remember, they were in my shoes at one point...they had these moments. And I'm sure sometimes they look back and miss the days of being a student, being fresh newly weds, hopping from apartment to apartment, learning new things each day about one another and facing the uncertainty before you. So I'm going to soak in every minute of it. I want to remember each moment and cherish every aspect of this time in our life.

Things to remember:

The construction across our apartment. Waking up in the morning seeing the sun shine off the metal beams and glass windows. It's actually quite pretty.

The long and slow wait for the elevator and once inside the elevator, the slow ride.

Our next door neighbor Henry who is this very old, friendly and rather creepy man. Matt is almost positive he has hookers come over but he still always pets Sawyer and talks to us when he bumps into us.

The way Sawyer runs laps around the apartment right before bedtime to burn off that last ounce of energy. Matt and I always sit and watch for 5 minutes because it's the most entertaining thing seeing him dart under and in between the barstool legs and all the other nook's and cranny's.

Getting a ride to school from Matt because parking is a joke at UVU.

Also, getting a ride to school from Matt because I hit snooze 1 or 7 too many times and if I don't I'll be late...

Having to play games on our tiny little coffee table because we don't have room for a dining table and not enough room for more barstools at the a result Matt has to shift and change sitting positions every 15 seconds because he's very un-flexible and can't sit indian style.

Going to get cookies from Smiths every night because it's across the street and their chocolate chunk lovers cookies are the best.

The way Sawyer lazily stretches and climbs out onto my lap every morning when I wake him up.

We don't have TV because it's $100 dollars a month for just the basic so we use Hulu Plus and Netflix.

Matt's morning hair. It gets smashed flat in the back making a perfect circle and then forms spikes everywhere else. Haha. I love it.

Being the only woman NOT pregnant in our entire ward.

Going on 11PM (or later) fast-food runs with Matt because he gets cravings. He says he can't wait until I'm pregnant because then I can finally be his excuse.

Going to Nordstroms and getting our favorite Banana Ice Storm's. Soooo tasty.

How Utah is so incredibly boring during the winter that you seriously look forward to new movies coming out. It gets you excited.

Eating HOT pickles whenever we go to a movie. And when I say hot I mean spicy hot, not temperature hot. It's delicious but embarrassing, so Matt buys one for me and then gives it to me inside the theatre.

Going to bed at night and cuddling so close that even though we have a king size bed we could fit on a twin. So Matt jokes we're going to downgrade to one sometimes because he hates having so much room.

Laying in bed at night and just talking about life, our future, our dreams until one of us eventually falls asleep.

Getting husband-blessings at the beginning of each semester and the fact they always calm my nerves and are exactly what I needed.

Going grocery shopping and getting tons of food but then never eating it because I have a husband that still insists we have no we eat out basically every meal.

The way Matt gets jealous when I agree with someone who thinks a boy actor is cute. Because of this I can't mention Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield from Prison Break =)

Matt helping me study for days when I have a test and so finding out I got an A feels like a victory and celebration for the both of us.

Watching Sawyer go from 4.0 pounds (when we first got him) to the 11.3 pounds he is today.

Looking at each other with stars in our eyes, getting lost in each others kisses, planning our future knowing we never have to worry about being without the other person for the rest of our lives.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


3 things...

First: The in laws came to visit! Oh happy day.

Second: They came to visit on account of it being my sister-in-law Meghan's 19th birthday next Thursday!! Ah, such an epic age. She is young, she is beautiful, she basically rocks.

and lastly: After celebrating with her 50 gajillion friends at Tucanos (can you say scrumptious...and I'm fat) Matt and I passed a Zoltar and couldn't resist!

If you don't know what Zoltar is, that's ok. I'll forgive you because obviously you've suffered enough having been robbed of one of the most classic Tom Hanks movies of all time. Basically he is a fortune telling gypsy and is quite creepy if you ask me.

My fortune read:

Round and round the ball will spin
Till it draws your good luck in
Ah, I can foretell you for
Good luck in a month or two.
The crystal gazer has wonderful things in store for you. A dear one will return from a long trip and your whole life will be different. You have a patient disposition and your patience is about to be rewarded. Despair not I say for your days of despair will soon be over. Your calm spirit, and your good sense will see you through all emergencies. You have many friends particularly in the armed forces. They are loyal to you, and are glad of an opportunity to be of *service* to you.

Huh...I am very patient and have a few friends in the military...
I didn't know I was in despair though. Haha.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fat & bald = married life

Recently Matt has become extra aware of his hairline.

This was our conversation last night getting into bed...after 5 minutes of him sitting 2 inches from the mirror, hair slicked back, studying every follicle of hair on his head.

Matt: My hair is reseeding! I'm going bald!! my backs going to be all hairy.

Me: What?? Haha. Why?

Matt: Because it's going to go from my head to my back.

Me: *totally confused now* Huh?

Matt: Well, that's what it does. It doesn't just disappear! Then I'm going to be one of those guy. One of those warewolf bald men at the beach...

*I'm cracking up now (because 1. Matt is far from bald and 2. we live in Utah...beaches non existant) as he continues on to what has now become a rant.*

Matt: ...and you wont want to go on tropical vacations anymore because of it. Maybe I should grow a beard! Then I'll be a bald man with a beard...

This continued on for the next 5 minutes or so as we both dozed off to sleep. I remember the words: bald and jewish, a lot though...along with whimpers. A lot of whimpers.

And although this may sound weird...this is kind of exciting don't you think?!
It's like we're starting a new phase in our life and relationship. The married and getting fat and bald phase! Well, bald or not, he's still my handsome prince charming and I say...(if he even IS going bald) bring it on.

This picture was taken the beginning of Jan 2010, 1 year ago.

Compared to this picture which was taken at the end of Dec. 2010

What do you think?
Balding, or the same?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You know you love your dog when

...your sitting on the couch doin your thang when suddenly the foul stench that could only come from a cute, furry little animal named Sawyer fills the air. And you soon realize it wasn't a tootsie this time, but instead a big-little poop under said dogs favorite cheetah chair.

The part I know I love him...I hurry and clean the poop up before Matt finds out.

Seeing as Sawyer has been going through a growth spirt, not to mention losing sometimes 3 teeth a day, and having major bouts of diarrhea...I don't think I can hold this little pooh surprise against him.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cupid 2.0

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! I have watched this so many times already and cannot stop laughing! My husband paid a complete stranger to dress up, serenade me a song, and then post it on youtube. Wow. I don't know if that's love or just...really, really, REALLY charmingly nerdy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

pre-V-day jollys

Today we had some pre-Valentines day celebrations...just because it's on a Monday this year...
which is kinda weird.

We had my little sister Audry over and enjoyed the most beautiful weather, most delicious left over pizza, and the funnest game of all time: Life. And guess who won? That's right! Coming in at $2,915,000.00 Oh baby!

For PRE-v-day festivities...I had so much fun! It makes me feel bad for those people that stress so much over a holiday that's simply suppose to be celebrating your love for someone. Just sayin...I'd be totally content if this is all tomorrow had in store.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The pits

Do you ever go back and read old posts? Or maybe open your journal and just start reading past entrys?

Sometimes when I can't sleep I like to go back and read past events. Usually it helps me get tired and I'm able to fall fast asleep. But other times...

I wish I hadn't.

For some reason I haven't been able to sleep lately. It might be due to the fact I've been having a ton of dreams about Jesse. I couldn't really tell you what they're about because usually it just involves me intently watching him. It's like I'm replaying memories from our childhood in slow motion and sucking in every smile, every laugh, every move he makes. I'd be lying if I didn't say I wake up from those dreams both so happy and full of love and also full of pain. I miss my little brother. This last week was the 7 month mark since he passed away...but sometimes it feels like it's happening all over again and it's unbearable.

Sometimes I cry alone. Other times Matthew will hold me and cradle me in his arms. Or we'll cry together.

Looking back, I never thought I would be happy again. I thought I'd be sad or numb forever. I thought the hole in my heart would never heal and eventually the strain of holding back the tears and agony would become too exhausting and I would break. But luckily, when the sadness gets so heavy, so real, I feel the Savior's love immediately. I know such a comfort and peace can only come from one person and that is my Heavenly Father.

So here I stand...definitely a different person than I use to be...but I'm happy.

I'm happy again and grateful to be.

They're throwin me in the slammer

My mother came over last night.

After about 20 minutes of visiting, laughing, talking, playing with the dog, she all the sudden out of no where, and kind of laughing says the following:

Mom: what?

since she had a big smile on her face, I got ready to hear a funny joke or story...
but instead...

Mom: A sheriff came over on Sunday. He said you were served.

Sadly, I've heard these same words means I'm being sued and called to appear before a judge.

Me: WHAT?! Are you serious??? What for?

Matt looked at me kind of nervous. I guess he didn't realize how bad of a rebel he married. *Sarcasm*
I think my Mama was a little confused about what it meant to be served though. She was surprised at my response. And proceeded to tell me.

Mom: ...for the ambulance bill when the diesel hit you 4 years ago...

Yes. 4ish years ago I was rear-ended by a huge diesel on the my brand new car. It was hands down the worse experience of my life. I almost died. I was sued (but won a year later) by the truck that hit me. I had a warrant out for my arrest because unknowingly I missed my court date. And spent my entire summer (and following year) going to hearings and dealing with things a young 18 year old should never have to.

Mom: I shouldn't have said anything!! I was going to ignore it...

Me: No. No. I'm glad you told me. That way if I'm least I'll know why.
*more sarcasm and now looking at Matt* ...and thank goodness we watched Prison Break because I'm a pro at how to break out of prison!

And although my blood pressure spiked and my stomach started producing HUGE amounts of acid that, no doubt, will sooner rather than later lead to a massive ulcer that will have me curled up in fetal position rocking back and forth in pain...I've learned something from all of this. You really have to take this life with a grain of salt. Because you never know what it's going to throw at you. And as easy as it is to get worked up over things like...being sued, going to jail, and being blamed for an accident you had no control over...don't sweat it.

Because you can think of me, sitting in my jail cell, and know there's always someone worse off.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh love, how I love you.

Today is the 11th which can only mean 2 things...

1. Yesterday, 1 year ago, Matt proposed. And it TOTALLY spaced my mind. Aaaah!
I have to share the story of how Matt proposed sometime but it's Friday night and let's be honest... I'm probably just going to have a funtastic night with my honey instead.


2. Valentines Day is just around the corner! =)

I don't really understand why some people get so sad around Valentines Day...even if your single. Shouldn't it just make you so excited for when you do have someone to share it with? Alls I know is that I have little hearts and romantic things dancing around my head. Not saying that I'm not twitterpated with Matthew only around Valentines day...God knows that man has stolen my heart, and continues to steal it every day.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for thy love is better than wine.
-Bible, Song of Solomon

Where there is love, there is life.

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.
- Janos Arnay

I wish for nothing beyond her smile, and to walk with her thus,
hand in hand
along a sunwarmed, flower-bordered path.
-unknown (to me)

Those who love deeply never grow old. They may die of old age, but they die young.
-Arthur Wing Pinero

Real love stories never have endings.
-Richard Bach

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big dog on campus.

For the last 3 weeks, Thursdays 8:00PM mean one thing...


If you couldn't tell, Sawyer get's so excited!

And has been doing really well! He picks up on all the commands right away.
He makes us two proud parents :)

This is his new girlfriend, Heidi. She's cute.

That's Kat, Heidi's Mama and the substitute for tonights lesson.

A little blurry but I love it so much I couldn't resist!
Aren't they cute together?

Uuuh...I promise he was being a gentleman. Haha.

Matt wants to steal her :)

Together they basically rule and dominate the class.


What a sly dog!
Love how Sawyer's making the move...casually putting his paw around her! Tee hee.