Wednesday, October 24, 2012

i'm glenna and i like to party

So I suppose I should catch my blog up with what's been going down. I feel like this year has been the year of, let-me-catch-you-up's but there you have it.

I'm proud to say that I'm still registered in school, which believe it or not, is a huge success for me! Not because I'm one to start something and bail when it gets tough, but because I absolutely hate wasting my time on meaningless garbage. CC (City College) would be that meaningless garbage in this instance. Granted, I may be a tad older than the average student, I find myself being talked down to constantly, ideas and opinions being shoved down my throat by a good intending but not so philosophical professor, and the assumption that I am nothing but a raging sex fein with a double dose of girls gone wild alcoholic. I mean, who could blame her, I am pretty wild looking what with my skinny jeans and button up flannels...that was sarcasms incase you couldn't smell it. Me and my friend Noor are the only 2 humans in that class that cover more than they show. Yup, the muslim and the mormon, like 2 peas in a pod. 

story time: One day my professor presented the class with a scenario. In which case Girl A and Girl B are my roommates and we're headed to this huge party. Well, apparently I had a really bad week because my boyfriend broke up with me, and on top of that I was failing a class. So obviously, I was going to get wasted at this party and had 3 drinks right off the bat. Girl A and Girl B were mingling and didn't notice at first when I started dirty dancing (I'm using a nicer word that she did) with so-and-so's boyfriend. But luckily they noticed when I disappeared and came to my rescue when they discovered me with him off in one of the bedrooms (she went into detail but, I'll leave it at that) and took me home.

She ended the scenario there, adding that so-and-so's girlfriend found out and was pissed at me, and with the most intense and almost accusing look asked me, "Now what do you do, Glenna?" 


I have absolutely NO idea what I would do because I can't even begin to imagine or understand or even begin to pretend to imagine or understand that situation. So after the longest pause ever I said, "I...don't know." Because I honestly didn't know!! I can't relate to that situation. I've never experienced anything like that, nor will I ever.

She looked more than annoyed and said, "Sure you do! You'd make up excuses and apologize and then go right back to doing it again and again."

Oh right. You'r totally right. Sorry. Duh! That's exactly what I would do. Sorry, I forgot. Silly me.
Am I taking this too far?

 My point is this, this is a Women's Health class that is teaching me that women can't handle their emotions, that we act before thinking and are basically just a bunch of air headed bimpbo's. And that is why I'm so impressed with myself for still being in school.

The end.