Wednesday, April 24, 2013

if your husbands an entrepreneur part 2

Just incase the first post didn't capture it...

If your husbands an entrepreneur part 2:

You've probably spent days playing and messing around when Husband has no work to do, and don't mind one bit.

You've also probably had days where you have to pry his laptop away, hide his phone, and force him to quit working so he'll eat, sleep and bathe. 

You've probably taken vacations you can't afford and people have probably looked at you like you're insane for it.

You probably have piles of "How to Grow Your Business" books and articles that people give you because it made them, "think of you."

You're budget is probably changing constantly depending on the month.

You've probably had people ask for favors and free service. 

Which probably led to an awkward conversation you hoped never to have.

You probably have hopes, goals and dreams that most people roll their eyes at, because they haven't seen your Husbands potential. They haven't seen what he's capable of and how hard his passion can drive him. 

You probably get to choose the city and state you live in. (And if you did, could you help a sister out and tell me how you were able to choose? Thanks!)

You might get to travel more frequently, depending on Husbands schedule, because he can work from anywhere.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


When Husband and I first got Sawyer someone asked me, "So, have you guys decided how much you'll spend on him before you get rid of him? Like if he gets sick or something?"

Longest pause of my life.

I know not everyone is a dog or cat or pet person, but seriously? How could you put a price on a living creature that you love so so much? That's a part of your family just as much as you are? Especially one as cute as this??
 I literally love him like my own child. Well, not having had an ACTUAL child that I birthed to compare with, I love him as much as I know how. Husband and I were watching a movie where a girl is kidnapped and the parents have to pay the ransom. Being the emotional bawl bag that I am, I was tearing up and Matt, being the sweety that he is, noticed and paused the movie to find out why I was getting so upset. 

We had the following conversation:

Matt: Baby! What's wrong??
Me: *sniffling* What if someone kidnapped Sawyer? 
Matt: Then we'd get him back!
Me: *tears trickling down my cheeks* How much would we pay to get him back?
Matt: I don't think there's a limit.
Me: *relieved* Really? Because I would pay anything!
Matt: Of course. I don't think we could just not try to get him back. Ya know? He's a part of our family. 

And as I write this, he is walking in circles in his bed, kicking and nudging his blanket trying to make the biggest and fluffiest nest he can. He's been doing this for a full 3 min now and I'm just dying inside of his cute and sillyness. He has brought me so much joy and happiness. His little personality is perfect in every way, and I realize he's a dog and not human, but I love him, and he loves me.

Because I am his Mama and he is my puppy child.

Monday, April 22, 2013

earth day

"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely, or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy amidst the simple beauty of nature."
-Anne Frank
Earth Day is apparently pretty huge in SB. It's like one giant celebration.
There's something wonderful about being outside, smelling the fresh sweet air, listening to the sounds of nature and being surrounded by this beautiful world that God's given us. Today is Earth Day but we really should live every day as if it was Earth day. Never taking it for granted and always doing our part to take care of it. Insuring our children, and grandchildren and great grandchildren will have just as beautiful of a planet to call home.
Do you like how I snuck that last one in :) And do you like how I awkwardly cropped myself out? Haha! I swoon over Matt in this picture but, my face was kinda very scary. So, there ya go.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

old times

Aaaah! Look at us! We look like babies. Well, maybe to me we just look super young.
 Let's see, this was in 2009. We weren't officially dating but really.. we were dating. I mean, we basically spent all of our time together, went on trips together, and talked about the future like "it aint no thang." I was just super crazy and titles freaked me out too bad. 
Yeeeaaah, we realized that the gender roles in our relationship were backwards. I was the one afraid to commit and he was begging me to run away and marry him :) I came around eventually. 
We've all heard that story before though, so I wont get in to it again.

And I just had to add this picture because, well, do I need to say? Just look at Husbands face. Is he not the cutest ever? I just can't get over how lucky I am. 
It's fun looking back at old pictures. To remember all the little things, and the big things too. Like how Husband and I use to ride our bikes to 7 Eleven and get big sodas. How we use to get chocolate cake doughnuts and Betos literally every night for a month straight. How people referred to us as "Provo's hottest couple." Okay, so maybe only a couple people did but still. I love those memories.

It makes me excited to some day look back at all the pictures I take now and think, "Oh my gosh! Look how young we were!" And, "Remember that one time we went to San Francisco and I was jamming out to that street performer and then the crazy homeless lady came and stood an inch from us and asked me to keep dancing and gave me a postcard as incentive?" Yeah...I'm excited for that.

san francisco part 3

It's always a little sad whenever you have to go back home after a fun vacation. People say that vacations shouldn't be an escape but a way to live life. I like to think I incorporate that mentality into my life, but let's be real here, some times it's super freaking hard to live that way. I don't know if it's something about responsibility and accountability or whaaaaat, but it's nice to be on vacation where the only thing on my to do list is: have a wonderful time!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

san francisco part 2

Things we love about San Francisco
architecture & old buildings
the history
everyone thought we were on our honeymoon...??
huge race and ethnic pool
amazing shopping
delicious food
energy of the city
street performers
the charm
pride of the people

Things we don't love so much:
breathing in 2nd hand smoke everywhere you go
the bums (we have bums in SB but the bums in SF are a tad lot more aggressive)
hectic traffic aka taxis that try to run you over
aaaaand that's about it! Over all, we plain old love San Francisco!