Wednesday, April 24, 2013

if your husbands an entrepreneur part 2

Just incase the first post didn't capture it...

If your husbands an entrepreneur part 2:

You've probably spent days playing and messing around when Husband has no work to do, and don't mind one bit.

You've also probably had days where you have to pry his laptop away, hide his phone, and force him to quit working so he'll eat, sleep and bathe. 

You've probably taken vacations you can't afford and people have probably looked at you like you're insane for it.

You probably have piles of "How to Grow Your Business" books and articles that people give you because it made them, "think of you."

You're budget is probably changing constantly depending on the month.

You've probably had people ask for favors and free service. 

Which probably led to an awkward conversation you hoped never to have.

You probably have hopes, goals and dreams that most people roll their eyes at, because they haven't seen your Husbands potential. They haven't seen what he's capable of and how hard his passion can drive him. 

You probably get to choose the city and state you live in. (And if you did, could you help a sister out and tell me how you were able to choose? Thanks!)

You might get to travel more frequently, depending on Husbands schedule, because he can work from anywhere.

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