Tuesday, April 2, 2013

catalina day 2

Day 2 was spent shopping and exploring the water and city. 
This day was probably the most exhausting day for both of us. We'd taken dramamine (anti-nausea medicine) the night before and we woke up so groggy. Word from the wise, don't take this if you want to function like a normal human being the next day. It knocks you out. Even if your drugged though, it's hard to not have the time of your life in Catalina. It's hard to walk 2 feet without seeing something you want to capture on camera. Let alone smell something you want to eat. 
The smells! Oh my goodness, the smells!
p.s. Yes that is a candy army crawl man, chicken foot, banana, egg, piggie & butterfly. 
My favorites were the sour banana (which wasn't sour at all,) the chicken foot, and the piggie.

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