Monday, April 8, 2013

catalina day 4

Our last day in Catalina was one of my favorites.
^1920's spanish charm is the main theme in Catalina.
^Killing time before ziplinging.
^Husband, being a boss and showing everyone how it's done.
^Backwards and 1 handed. If you could only zoom in and see the terror on my face. 
^Posing for the camera
^My pose for the camera. Hahaha! 
^The next series of pictures are Matt being a photographer. To say he was sad to leave is an understatement. He wanted to get as many last minute pictures in as he could.

After we checked out of our hotel we did all the last minute things we'd had our eye on. Like go to the museum. And explore some hidden alleys and shops. Take a picture with the buffalo (since they're all over the island and the locals use to live off of them.) And other things like that.
This was also the day we did the zipline. Up until this day I was so excited for this activity. It wasn't until I realized I would actually be jumping off a platform into mid-air that I started getting nervous. Nervous to the point where, when they were strapping me into my harness I told myself I was going to bail. Nervous to the point where my heart started pounding. Where no one was going to make me do it and I might actually break into tears if I so much as saw the valley we were suppose to go soaring through. Like, seconds away from a full blown anxiety attack and the fight or flight would make me do something irrational.
So don't ask what gave me the strength when after only 2 people went, I looked over the ledge and took the biggest step of faith in my life. Literally.
It's funny because on our first day, 10 minutes off the boat, we were up in the air, parasailing, and I didn't skip a beat. Matt was much more nervous than me, clinging to his harness for life or death. He took his hands off for 10 seconds and then returned his death grip, where as I was looking around, raising my arms, leaning into the wind. Not afraid, at all. 
But, then if you put me in that same harness and ask me to jump off a cliff into a canyon, forget about it. Matt on the other hand, was a pro when it came to ziplining. The man was so sure and confident. Not an ounce of hesitation in him. Funny how that works.
Anyway, the first 2 runs I had to remind myself to keep breathing, haha. I was so scared I was holding my breath and didn't realize until half way through that I might actually pass out, but by the 3rd run I was jumping off that platform like I was jumping into a pool, and doing all sorts of cool tricks (like going backwards! Which, if I hadn't been screaming, I'm sure I would have passed out.) 
It was so much fun! The adrenaline was incredible!
After all 5 runs we were so exhausted from the crazy amounts of excitement and thrill. Which made it perfect that right afterwards we had to hurry and catch our fairy back to LA. It was just the right way to end our trip, sitting and watching the sun go down as we sipped our hot coco. It definitely wont be long before we plan our next escape to Catalina.

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  1. The scenic views just made my day, they are so beautiful, all that lush greenery. The photos of you on the buffalo are so funny.