Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A day old...

It's Wednesday and already it's been a pretty busy week. I have a huge Biology test that started yesterday but luckily I have until tomorrow to take (for a fee of 3 dollars...Lame beans.) But when considering all that I've accomplished already. I feel pretty ok with that.

This morning I woke up and decided ready or not I was going to take my math final today. Since it's a block class you basically have to get 80 or above on the final by Feb 28th or no credit. And you know what that means? I basically paid moneys just to HAVE to show up and do math with no credit going towards my graduation. Doesn't sound so great to me either. So even though I felt some-what completely unprepared I went in with my head held high and all hopes of passing.

Well I got about 3 questions into the thing and felt like I made the biggest mistake. I can't believe I've taken math up to 1050 just 2 years ago and here I am at the very beginning PRE algebra level getting stumped. *whimpers* Where did my brain skills go??? But, as I sat staring at the numbers trying to make sense of what in the world it was even asking...I was able to figure it out using my own logic!

What a great feeling. Not really knowing the "mathematical" way to go about something but thinking..."Ok...if I was at the grocery store." Or "If I was driving to Salt Lake." Or "If I was buying a house with this many square footage"...and doing this...I only got 1 problem wrong!! BOO YA!! I got an A and now I can use the remaining 19 days to try and pass the next math test and get even more credit!

It feels so good to have that finished but now I have to focus on my Biology test and do a second shoot for photography. I need prayers to accomplish both of these tasks. I use to think taking pictures were easy...oh how I miss digital.

Basically, we're trying to capture and freeze motion and also learn how to blur motion so that it adds to the picture...not take away. I've already taken a whole roll and was so excited because my sexy sister in law even came and modeled for me and then NADA. Basically all my amazing ideas were not so amazing. I either had the shutter speed too fast so it didn't blur right or I left it open too long thus letting in too much light and my entire picture was over exposed. GAH! Nothing is worse than thinking your on time for a project and then you get go through the 40 minute film processing...process...and realize it was all for nothing. So tomorrow I have to go through that 40 minute film processing process, and another X many hours of developing time and then present 2 amazing pictures that wont embarrass me and my lack of photography skills. And lucky me, I also I also volunteered to bake 30 some-odd cookies for the class.

Yeah, I'm basically really nice...or really stupid. Haha.

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