Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday to Friday

Jan 28th, Friday:
Road trip!! We laughed, we cried, we talked, I slept. 3PM Checked in at Mandalay Bay. Extremely disappointed with the room. 30 min later check in at Treasure Island. Much better, expectations met. 3 hours later...*drum roll please* Phantom of the Opera! 2nd row, with the love of my life, all time favorite story. MIND. WAS. BLOWN!

Jan 29th, Saturday:
sHoPpInG!!! Lots of treasures to be found in Las Vegas. Feet sore. Ankles sore. Tummy's stuffed (thank you Johnny Rockets burgers, fries and milkshakes.) Spirits high.

Jan 30th, Sunday:
Awkward Sunday with gamblers, smokers, hoochies, trash talkers and awful Bellagio Buffet food. Started missing home about now.

Jan 31, Monday:
Alarm sounds at 4:30AM, time for check out. Eager to be home! Finally got home by noon and crashed until 3PM. Spent rest of day in jammies completely haggard and exhausted.

Feb 1, Tuesday:
Alarm sounds at 8:00AM, time for school. Still exhausted. Decide to skip photography. Go back to bed until 11:00 then got ready for the rest of school. Fun day.

Feb 2, Wednesday:
Alarm sounds 8:00AM, school beckons. Go for 10 min then decide to play hooky with Matt and have a wonderful day full of 2 lovers in love. 8PM cuddled on the couch watching Prison Break. Throat starts hurting...again. Ugh.

Feb 3, Thursday:
8:00AM, school. Mid-day get a text from Matt describing another Sawyer pooh war zone. At least it's not every day, anymore. 3:45PM Free at last! Spend the rest of the day doing homework and study guides while watching Prison Break with the husband. Sore throat is accompanied with runny nose...please not again!

(wouldn't you like to know what the smudged parts say?)

Feb 4, Friday:
Restless dreams of running and planning schemes from Prison Break. Wake up with full blown sore throat, runny nose, cough and body aches. Continue doing homework and completing study guides. Followed by, none other than...Prison Break.

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  1. Oh Glenna, you are in such a terrific time of marriage. Enjoy every minute....even the sick parts and the dog poop parts. If you can manage Sawyer and his poop episodes, you're all ready for parenting!

    And it's so much better being sick when there aren't little rugrats to care for than when there are. LOVE YOU! The subliminals about Prison Break are taking hold of me....