Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I want...nay. I NEED this.

Well, I never thought it'd be me...and yet here I am.

I shouldn't feel as ashamed as I do because 1. this is my blog and I can do what I want. Deal. And 2. I really really REALLY REEEAAALLY desperately want this bag.

I don't know why I want it so bad, oh wait...yes I do!

I want it because I've started a photography class that is not only kicking my butt because I've never been pushed to take good film pictures before in my life...but film is hard (let's go shopping. Haha...inside joke.) But also, I feel like a total frump woman going to class. Imagine me, winter coat, gloves, boots...not bad, right? But then add a big old backpack bulging from textbooks and binders, then my Coach black tote - which is fabulous and a gift from Matt that I cherish, and then on top of that my ugly, fat, canvas, hand-me-down camera bag which I LOATHE! It's way too big for what I want but I don't want to risk throwing my camera in my purse or backpack without protection.

I'd just really like a savvy yet trendy bag I'm not embarrassed to wear. Is that so much to ask? What's worse is I get to see how cute it is in real life over at The Daybook. Which is a, get this, modest fashion blog that I've become completely obsessed with.

Can't you see me in this bag? My camera is even drooling.

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