Sunday, February 20, 2011

The every day stuff

I've been feeling rather claustrophobic today. Maybe it's the snow we've been having for the last 24 hours, or the drab February winter weather...or Spring semester getting to me again (darn you spring semester.) Regardless. I can't help but look out the window and day dream of the adventures ahead of Matt and I.

Lately I've been getting the feeling that something big and exciting is in store for us. Maybe it's just because I've been daydreaming about how nice it will be when I'm finished with school and free to work wherever and whenever I want, God willing. I think about how fun it will be when Matt and I get to sit down, a map in front of us, and pick the destination of our future. And when we get there, the adventures that will lie ahead of us.

Is it sad I can't wait to have a home that Matt and I can decorate and renovate however we want? A home with a fireplace. I want a fireplace so badly! I want a kitchen with adorable back-splash that Matt and I chose together. I want bright colorful walls and pictures of happy things and people that we love...*sighs*

Sometimes I get so excited, it feels like it's never going to be here, it's never going to happen. But patience is one of my virtues, as tedious as it feels sometimes. I look at people that are years ahead of me and I remember, they were in my shoes at one point...they had these moments. And I'm sure sometimes they look back and miss the days of being a student, being fresh newly weds, hopping from apartment to apartment, learning new things each day about one another and facing the uncertainty before you. So I'm going to soak in every minute of it. I want to remember each moment and cherish every aspect of this time in our life.

Things to remember:

The construction across our apartment. Waking up in the morning seeing the sun shine off the metal beams and glass windows. It's actually quite pretty.

The long and slow wait for the elevator and once inside the elevator, the slow ride.

Our next door neighbor Henry who is this very old, friendly and rather creepy man. Matt is almost positive he has hookers come over but he still always pets Sawyer and talks to us when he bumps into us.

The way Sawyer runs laps around the apartment right before bedtime to burn off that last ounce of energy. Matt and I always sit and watch for 5 minutes because it's the most entertaining thing seeing him dart under and in between the barstool legs and all the other nook's and cranny's.

Getting a ride to school from Matt because parking is a joke at UVU.

Also, getting a ride to school from Matt because I hit snooze 1 or 7 too many times and if I don't I'll be late...

Having to play games on our tiny little coffee table because we don't have room for a dining table and not enough room for more barstools at the a result Matt has to shift and change sitting positions every 15 seconds because he's very un-flexible and can't sit indian style.

Going to get cookies from Smiths every night because it's across the street and their chocolate chunk lovers cookies are the best.

The way Sawyer lazily stretches and climbs out onto my lap every morning when I wake him up.

We don't have TV because it's $100 dollars a month for just the basic so we use Hulu Plus and Netflix.

Matt's morning hair. It gets smashed flat in the back making a perfect circle and then forms spikes everywhere else. Haha. I love it.

Being the only woman NOT pregnant in our entire ward.

Going on 11PM (or later) fast-food runs with Matt because he gets cravings. He says he can't wait until I'm pregnant because then I can finally be his excuse.

Going to Nordstroms and getting our favorite Banana Ice Storm's. Soooo tasty.

How Utah is so incredibly boring during the winter that you seriously look forward to new movies coming out. It gets you excited.

Eating HOT pickles whenever we go to a movie. And when I say hot I mean spicy hot, not temperature hot. It's delicious but embarrassing, so Matt buys one for me and then gives it to me inside the theatre.

Going to bed at night and cuddling so close that even though we have a king size bed we could fit on a twin. So Matt jokes we're going to downgrade to one sometimes because he hates having so much room.

Laying in bed at night and just talking about life, our future, our dreams until one of us eventually falls asleep.

Getting husband-blessings at the beginning of each semester and the fact they always calm my nerves and are exactly what I needed.

Going grocery shopping and getting tons of food but then never eating it because I have a husband that still insists we have no we eat out basically every meal.

The way Matt gets jealous when I agree with someone who thinks a boy actor is cute. Because of this I can't mention Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield from Prison Break =)

Matt helping me study for days when I have a test and so finding out I got an A feels like a victory and celebration for the both of us.

Watching Sawyer go from 4.0 pounds (when we first got him) to the 11.3 pounds he is today.

Looking at each other with stars in our eyes, getting lost in each others kisses, planning our future knowing we never have to worry about being without the other person for the rest of our lives.

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