Saturday, February 12, 2011

They're throwin me in the slammer

My mother came over last night.

After about 20 minutes of visiting, laughing, talking, playing with the dog, she all the sudden out of no where, and kind of laughing says the following:

Mom: what?

since she had a big smile on her face, I got ready to hear a funny joke or story...
but instead...

Mom: A sheriff came over on Sunday. He said you were served.

Sadly, I've heard these same words means I'm being sued and called to appear before a judge.

Me: WHAT?! Are you serious??? What for?

Matt looked at me kind of nervous. I guess he didn't realize how bad of a rebel he married. *Sarcasm*
I think my Mama was a little confused about what it meant to be served though. She was surprised at my response. And proceeded to tell me.

Mom: ...for the ambulance bill when the diesel hit you 4 years ago...

Yes. 4ish years ago I was rear-ended by a huge diesel on the my brand new car. It was hands down the worse experience of my life. I almost died. I was sued (but won a year later) by the truck that hit me. I had a warrant out for my arrest because unknowingly I missed my court date. And spent my entire summer (and following year) going to hearings and dealing with things a young 18 year old should never have to.

Mom: I shouldn't have said anything!! I was going to ignore it...

Me: No. No. I'm glad you told me. That way if I'm least I'll know why.
*more sarcasm and now looking at Matt* ...and thank goodness we watched Prison Break because I'm a pro at how to break out of prison!

And although my blood pressure spiked and my stomach started producing HUGE amounts of acid that, no doubt, will sooner rather than later lead to a massive ulcer that will have me curled up in fetal position rocking back and forth in pain...I've learned something from all of this. You really have to take this life with a grain of salt. Because you never know what it's going to throw at you. And as easy as it is to get worked up over things like...being sued, going to jail, and being blamed for an accident you had no control over...don't sweat it.

Because you can think of me, sitting in my jail cell, and know there's always someone worse off.

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