Saturday, February 19, 2011


3 things...

First: The in laws came to visit! Oh happy day.

Second: They came to visit on account of it being my sister-in-law Meghan's 19th birthday next Thursday!! Ah, such an epic age. She is young, she is beautiful, she basically rocks.

and lastly: After celebrating with her 50 gajillion friends at Tucanos (can you say scrumptious...and I'm fat) Matt and I passed a Zoltar and couldn't resist!

If you don't know what Zoltar is, that's ok. I'll forgive you because obviously you've suffered enough having been robbed of one of the most classic Tom Hanks movies of all time. Basically he is a fortune telling gypsy and is quite creepy if you ask me.

My fortune read:

Round and round the ball will spin
Till it draws your good luck in
Ah, I can foretell you for
Good luck in a month or two.
The crystal gazer has wonderful things in store for you. A dear one will return from a long trip and your whole life will be different. You have a patient disposition and your patience is about to be rewarded. Despair not I say for your days of despair will soon be over. Your calm spirit, and your good sense will see you through all emergencies. You have many friends particularly in the armed forces. They are loyal to you, and are glad of an opportunity to be of *service* to you.

Huh...I am very patient and have a few friends in the military...
I didn't know I was in despair though. Haha.

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