Saturday, March 23, 2013

shopping can teach you things

Husband and I like to shop. And truth be told, he's the best shopping partner in the world. I'm so serious right now! I use to hate shopping until he came into my life. Now it's one of our favorite ways to kill time. He is right by my side helping me pick cute-things that make a girls mouth drop because how could a man know?! Usually Matt and I's taste are aligned. What he picks out for me, I swoon, and what I pick out for him, gets him to venture into new trends and he ends up discovering something new he loves.
Occasionally though I find something he doesn't quite get. He kinda looks at it a bit longer than usual and then says, "Yeah...(then pointing at something else continues) Oh, look at this!" A sweet but obvious, "I don't like it." On occasions such as this I have to consider 2 things.

1. I like this but husband doesn't
and 2. His opinion is important to me, but so is mine.

So sometimes I'll put the item down, look around, then come back for a second look-see. Other times, I know right away. I know this item was meant for me and I ignore any hesitant glances from husband and head straight to the check out line. I think he likes this about me but I haven't asked to confirm (I'm okay just believing he is) because 99% of the time he ends up falling in love with said item more than me!
For example: heart sunglasses.
Husband wasn't too thrilled about these sunglasses at first. 
But now he's o b s e s s e d. Like has that picture as his phones wallpaper and keeps pulling it out to look at it obsessed. It's kinda cute :) and makes me smile and flutter inside. But it taught me something.

I realized this isn't only true for our shopping trips but it's true for life, for our life together as Husband and Wife. It happened when I dyed my hair blonde the first time and when I melted it. It's true for when we moved from Utah to California. Which was a really big, scary change and at first Matt got that hesitant look in his eye that said, "this might be the biggest mistake..." but he trusts me, and I trust him. We support each other in any and all plunges we take. 

And well, that's just great now isn't it? :)

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