Thursday, March 7, 2013

question of the year

So remember how I said we were moving but didn't know where to? The question we've been asking ourselves for the last 2 years. The question that's brought stress, tears, break downs. The one question that was suppose to mean freedom and adventure was the one question completely terrifying us and holding us back. Where do we go? Where will we be happiest? Where are we needed? Where is our future? What do we want? Where do we live?? That question, finally has an answer.

We finally have a name for that nameless goal we've had for so long. I can't even stop smiling that's how good it feels. This weekend Husband and I are going to take a little trip and look at neighborhoods and check the area out. But good things are in the works.

Please cross your fingers and maybe say a prayer or two for us? That things can fall into place.
Thanks :)

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