Sunday, March 10, 2013

some of my favorite things

a.) My loves.
b.) SB thinking it's spring. I think this time of year is my favorite here.
c.) For no reason flowers from Husband.
d.) Funny pictures that are too true and make me laugh.
e.) Shopping and finding little gems
f.) Surprise picnics at the beach after a stressful day at school. Husband always knows the right antidote.
g.) My sister making the best of a bad situation. I whine and moan and there she is with stage 3 cancer, doing intense chemo therapy for 3 days, every other week, and still manages to keep a positive attitude.
h.) Playing with Sawyer.
i.) Out of town trips.
j.) New lipstick. (And Sawyer's cute faces)
k.) Going to the beach, jamming out to oldies, dancing, and playing in the ocean.
l.) Husband cooking late night Bacon snacks. This happens more nights than it doesn't.
m.) Living across from the beach and having cute things to look at all the time.

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