Monday, January 14, 2013

breathing under water

I've been on the hunt to find my music. 
By my music I mean the kind of music that I like. Not the kind that my friends like and have discovered. Or the kind my family likes and listens to and therefore I have to like it or go crazy. Or even the kind Husband loves and listens to, no matter how in sync our music taste is. I mean the kind of music that I find on my own, that the lyrics grab me, that the bass moves me, that makes me want to jump in my car and go for a drive. Or jump out of my car and start dancing in the street.

I have several songs that are my songs. I can put them on repeat and just jam out. But I still have yet to discover a band that I love all their music. I don't have any bands. Just songs. So until then, I'll just keep finding those few gem songs that are really mine. This, obviously, is one of them. So just enjoy. Or not. Doesn't matter. 

Because it's mine :)

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