Wednesday, January 2, 2013

absolutely fantastic

Happy New Years! It's 2013 and everyone is making resolutions to be a better person and making positive changes in their life. 
It's weird, but I honestly can't remember a time that I actually made a resolution. I guess I just never agreed with the whole idea of it. Most of the time, I don't even realize I have a goal until I've accomplished it, or half way through the year I learn something and a new goal is created. So by the time January comes around, I'm already awesome. 
But I did make a goal about a week ago. I decided I'm completely going off of all carbonated drinks. I really want to be healthier. Focus on the inside. Not skinnier, not more toned. Just all around healthier. And so far it's been going pretty great! I don't even crave the delicious burn that bubbly drinks use to quench.

Other than that, nothing really new going on here. Husband and I got back from spending Christmas with the family. It wasn't really that great. Not because I don't adore my family and it wasn't wonderful to see them. But because I was ill the entire time we were there and spent most of the time laying in the hotel bed, and 1 day in the hospital. By the time we were driving back to sunny California, I missed my family more than before we got there! So not fair. I think it should be illegal to be sick around the holidays.

Also, I'm getting super excited to celebrate Valentines Day. (Yes, I know it's only January.) I never thought I'd be one to be excited about this holiday. To be honest, growing up all my friends hated Valentines day and would call it something clever and witty like Singles Awareness Day. But I never cared one way or the other. Sure I always hoped to get a sucker in the 7th grade from a "valentine." Mostly that was because who didn't want a free sucker in the 7th grade? Now that I'm all grown up and an adult (I can call myself an adult) I find myself completely in love with this holiday. Matt always does something charming and nerdy. Like a couple years ago he had this video made. Not to mention February is the month Matt proposed! 

So basically, what I'm saying is that I'm kind of glad to see 2012 gone and I'm welcoming 2013 with open arms! I have a feeling, it's going to be an amazing year.

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