Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Shinannigins


This last week Matt and I have had a BLAST! We've really been getting into the Halloween spirit. First we went to a corn maze with my two brothers, Chad and Stefen, my sister Audry and our buddy Falcon. All these pictures were taken with Matt's Iphone so I apologize for the poor quality.

I'm pretty sure this is after we solved the maze but we did it so quickly we just kind of hung out inside the maze for a while. We probably made record timing...30ish minutes. Yeah! We're pretty much pro-maze-get-out-of-er's.

We almost snuck into the haunted barn but SOME of us were a little too scared. And by some I mean Matt. Haha! I never would have guessed that Matt is such a scardy pants but he is. Now, don't get me wrong...if we were in danger he'd totally kick some A and go ape on whoever was trying to get us, but when it comes to haunted mansions and scary movies...Let's just say the first time we ever watched a scary movie together I didn't even know what was happening in the movie because I was too distracted laughing just watching Matt almost pee his pants. (Not literally...just figuratively.)

I still love him though =) He's my sweety and sometimes it's nice to have an excuse not to do all the scary stuff.

(My sexy sister Audry)
Instead, we made fools of ourselves! Haha.

They had all these cardboard pictures with holes cut in them and don't ask me why...but we thought they were meant for taking pictures. You know, they have a big macho man's body but his head is cut out so you can have your head on the big macho man's body?, as you can see from the pictures, it didn't quite make sense and the holes were TINY...but we had fun taking pictures anyway. It wasn't until we saw the hacky sacks on the ground that we realized they were for a bean bag tossing game. Haha. Oops.

Then today for F.amily H.ome E.vening my family came over and we had a scrumptious dinner my Mom and Matt prepared for us. And then we...

drum roll please...

Haha. Matt captures the pre-massacre quite perfectly.

After drawing some ideas, Matt and I chose the face we wanted to give our pumpkin.

It was tricky seeing as we didn't have any of the official pumpkin carving utensils and had to use whatever knives we had. But we think he turned out quite wonderfully.

Yes we were proud parents of a pumpkin that surprisingly looked a lot like Mike Mizowski from Monsters Inc

We named him Hurbert.

and we love him.

And this is the pumpkin gang.
Yeah, they're pretty sketchy.

(From left to right: Stefen's pumpkin, Chad's pumpkin, Hurbert, Audry's pumpkin.)
So we keep 'em outside.

It's been such a fun week and especially was a fun night in the Bartlett home =) And to top it mom made delicious cinnamon rolls!! AND Matt saved the pumpkin seeds and seasoned and cooked them!! Yeah, don't worry. Next time we'll invite you.

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  1. Lili saw this picture and has been saying, "That's Matt! Do you see him? Oh! And NANNY! Look, mom! The pumpkins! They are sleeeeeping!"