Monday, March 19, 2012

camino cielo

Which means "the road to heaven." Which is what the road we took to this glorious place was called and it couldn't have described it better. All weekend it's been raining and freezing in SB. So when we saw the white tipped mountains in the distance, we knew we'd have to go snow hunting. And snow hunting we did.

It was so exciting! I only wish it'd been able to make an appearance for Christmas...that would have been real magic. But even in March it felt magical. On our way back down the mountain the wind picked up, blowing thick stormy clouds over head, and it started to snow. I may have almost died...and then put on some Christmas music.

In March.

Then we drove straight to the beach.

After that we jumped in the hot tub which made it even more heavenly. Plus it was fun to whip out our old snow clothes we never get to wear. Sawyer had a lot of fun, too. He would hop over the mounds of snow and pounce on all the clusters of grass popping through. It was adorable.
Weekends like this make me love living in SB even more. It really does have almost everything.

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