Monday, March 12, 2012

about a million words in picture form

Has it really been almost a month since Jessica came to visit and my last post?

She's my sister from another mister.

And he's my shuga daddy. I swoon.

"Sea anomaly" - oops.

please appreciates Sawyers face. Baha! He's such a weirdo...I wonder where he gets it.

This is the typical response when people come to visit. We know how to show 'em a good time ;)

How shameful. I guess I'll blame it on the wonderful weather and the fact husband and I have been taking full advantage. I will say this for SB, nothing beats the winter weather. It's glorious. It's like going from to summer to summer all year round. Except for June...June surprisingly is the worst weather.
Yeah, definitely not looking forward to June gloom.

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  1. Looks like fun! Weather here is great, too! I wish I lived a LITTLE closer to the beach (about 2 hours). I want to go this weekend, but Jake wont let me... Something about going into labor or something... Anyway, looks like you guys had fun! I miss good old Jessica!