Friday, May 3, 2013

welcome to your new home!

It has 2 bedroom and 1 bath. The carpets are purple. The counters are crumbling and stained. The windows are not double paned, nor sealed. The tub is sure to get you more dirty than clean. The heater only works in the living room. There is no air conditioning. The yard is in shambles. The garage is Shelobs lier and if you walk on the balcony above the master bedroom, it will cave in on you.

And for only $2,700 a month (utilities not included: gas, water, electric, trash, internet, cable) you can call this craftsman cottage home sweet home! 

Do you want an application?


Yeah. That was Husbands response too. 
No, nice man. We don't want an application. But we'll kindly take one just to make it less obvious that we were not impressed and will not be pursuing your "craftsman cottage." Thank you for wishing us luck on our search though, we'll need it, but I have a feeling not as much as you.

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