Friday, May 24, 2013

pictures I don't put on instagram but are equally awesome

a.) My best friends little sister got married last weekend, aka, basically my little sister. It was so much fun getting together and celebrating such a monumental step in her life. Also, I can't remember the last I was there with her whole family together. They were like my 2nd family from middle school all the way through high school. When her Dad said he liked Matt and thought he was, "a really cool guy." I almost died. Not because I was surprised, because come on, Matt is a seriously awesome dude, but because from boyfriend #1 none of them were good enough for me! 
b.) I've finally gotten on top of putting all our random little trinkets put together in one place. At first I thought I'd hate having things so disorganized but I seriously am obsessed! I love being able to open up to any random page and be reminded of a whole variety of memories.
c.) Going to lunch with my baby bu.
d.) Right after the dermatologist burned off my pre-cancer spot on my nose. It hurt. It's officially begun to turn brown/black...
e.) After my best friend's little sister's wedding Matt surprised me with a spontaneous trip to Disneyland! It was our first time going with just the 2 of us and it was definitely special. Not to mention there were like, no lines. I think we got through the Indiana Jones ride in 15 min or less. It was nuts!
f.) Matt realized most of our pictures were kissing ones. Oops! :) Hashtag, sorry not sorry! 
g.) Matt has bought me about 10 different set of roses this month. And I don't want to sound spoiled or anything but I'm definitely getting used to having beautiful, fresh, candy-scented flowers all over the house. 
h.) Sawyer begging for his doggy crack aka those greenie denty sticks. Seriously. Those things are made of crack!
i.) That's just Husband looking sharp as usual. 
j.) More delicious roses.
k.) Random pictures I find on my phone that Matt took of his precious proteins. That man loves his bacon. Hahaha. 
l.) Sawyer being all like, "Yo!" & "I lub you."

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