Monday, November 5, 2012



Lately, I find myself surrounded by women that feel the need to comment on my hair and my styling choices. Back in June I decided to go with the hombre/melt trend and I have absolutely been loving it! But since, women in my ward feel it necessary to make rude and mean comments. {I'll try to keep it nice.} At first it made me insecure about my hair. I'd always gotten a lot of compliments on my "long thick dark hair" and suddenly they stopped. And even though I loved how it looked, I started to regret my decision. Up until about 2 months ago.

I looked around and realized there are so many beautiful people out there with much crazier hair than me {I? Whatever.} I thought about people in my life that I respect that are always changing their hair and trying new things. I feel I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my style but I always loved that others could go from long hair to a short pixie cut, or whatever. I never thought less of these people if they styled their hair a way I'd never feel comfortable with. If anything it contributed to what made them them! And the fact that they felt comfortable and confident enough to have fun and play with their hair really made me respect them more. Just like I can respect someone who decides to never dye or cut their hair. Some people have the exact same hair style their entire life! And you know what, that's okay too. So my question is, why do people feel the need to constantly hate on others? Whether it's their hair, their clothes, what they choose to do with their free time?

I know this... I will encourage my children to be themselves. I'll encourage creativity in forms of healthy expression. I will love them unconditionally of whether they dye their hair, they wear baggy clothes or jeans that are covered in rhine stones, whether they're chubby or skinny, a cheerleader or the chess club president. I will love them and support them and hopefully teach them to do the same. Because this world already has too much hate.

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