Friday, November 2, 2012

gods living creatures... Ants excluded

I found this little guy on his back while coming home from my walk with Sawyer. I scooped him up and literally almost broke into tears when I realized he couldn't fly. I ran inside and started researching butterflies and how to save them.
I learned this is a male Monarch Butterfly and a very beautiful one at that. I also learned that, to my dismay, there isn't much you can do for hurt butterflies. So I sat there holding my pet butterfly, crying, and thinking how cruel the world was that something so beautiful had to die this way.
Husband is always patient and sweet when I get emotional about Gods living creatures. He hugs me and wipes my tears and tells me it will be okay. That he probably lived a full life. That we'll put him somewhere beautiful outside so he can die happy.
I finally felt better after I said a prayer for the little guy, okay enough to leave him to go to Trader Joes with Matt. Plus I thought it might be a good distraction, so we headed out to the car.
Matt had had a headache all day so I decided to drive. So I pulled out of the garage, then drove back in, and then pulled out and in again. Matt looked at me so confused and asked, "What...what are you doing??" I looked at him as if it were obvious and kind of laughing at myself said, "Killing ants!" Because hello! There was a huge trail of ants going through our garage. And if there is anything I despise in the world it's cruelty to animals and ANTS. I seriously hate them.
Matt bust up laughing. Apparently my drastic change of concern for Gods living creatures was amusing to him. Oops :)

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