Wednesday, June 6, 2012

you guys. I love animals!

You know when you go to the zoo and it's super boring because all the animals are either sleeping or hiding and you wonder why in the world you spend $14 bucks to walk around bored and eat expensive zoo food?

Trust me, I usually do but the zoo Gods must have been smiling down on me the last time I went. I not only got to see the majority of the animals up and swinging about but making noises and acting like real live animals! It was so exciting! And kind of sad too. I'm starting to think maybe I should become a Greenpeace activist or something. It breaks my heart to see these creatures in cages that, more often than not, are way too tiny and cramped. I understand that they're endangered and will live longer lives in the zoo rather than in the wild but still...I just wish they were larger and less cage-like. 

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  1. The new exhibits at Hogle Zoo are really quite nice; the polar bear has a huge habitat. They've put tons of work into it, which I like. It makes me sad as well to see animals in small enclosures. :(