Monday, June 4, 2012


We're going to Hawaii!!
in 1 week and 5 days.

A few months ago Matt and I read a book (well, more like we read an article about a book) that talked about the life of an entrepreneur and their families. It was really eye opening and kind of funny in an ironic way. It was scary how spot on they described Matt and his working tendencies. But however intense you have to be to start and run a successful business that's exactly what I love about my husband. His passion and love for work is inspiring and admirable. And lucky for me, I think I have one of the few entrepreneur's that, more often than not, puts his wife/family first. But the article talked about how easily friction and tension can build in the home when a spouse has to dedicate not only lots of their time physically, but mentally and emotionally into their work. It talked about how because of this vacations are extremely important. Even if you can't afford them. 
Since moving to California we have definitely had to scale back financially. The costs of rent and living are much higher here than what we were use to in Utah. So it's safe to say we haven't had a real vacation since our honeymoon almost 2 years ago. Sooo, Matt and I went for a walk by the bird refuge (where we do all our serious talking) and got-to talking..

Matt: Let's do it!
Me: Cautiously watching and waiting for any signs that he may be joking.
Matt: Seriously! Let's go to Hawaii! Let's go for our honeymoon (yeah, we call our anniversaries 'honeymoons') and we'll make it work! Regardless of money...
Me: We're going to Hawaii? 
Both: Grinning and letting the euphoria of the statement take over.

And then we basically re-enacted the final dance scene from Footloose because the joy inside us was that great. And then after that we went on "diets" which really just means we've been living off of almonds and string cheese so we can save every penny we have. But it's been so worth it because in less than 2 weeks we're going to Hawaii.

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