Monday, June 4, 2012

bc matt and glenna

Once upon a time I started dating Matt. A month later, he and his Dad and brothers all went to Hawaii. He tried to invite me to come, but Glenna BC thought that was weird seeing as she had just met the guy and who knew if he was a creeper or not.

(Welcome to Glenna and Matt BC version. That means before we knew what was in store for us.)

When he got back, he gave me that little dolphin necklace I'm wearing. With it he also promised that some day he would take me to Hawaii and we would swim with the dolphins. Well, I married a man of his word because guess who will be swimming with the dolphins on their anniversary? 
We're kind of really excited about it over here. 
And watching the discovery of mermaids on the animal channel sure hasn't helped (okay, so it was totally cheesy and not real but still cool.) Neither has the movie Big Miracle. Which is beautiful. And will make you cry. Because whales are huge and vulnerable and I want one.

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  1. Have so much fun!! (Swimming with dolphins will change your life. especially if you're fond of whales.)