Thursday, June 14, 2012

the day before the day before hawaii

What goes on in the Bartlett home when a Hawaii trip is less than 48 hours away...

Lots of dancing and skipping around.
Laundry piles everywhere.
Random bursts of made up songs about luggage, waterfalls, shredded pork, and other things.
Spur of the moment hair cuts and trips to the saloon. Ombre anyone?
Extra Sawyer kisses and snuggles. (Shhh, he doesn't know he's not coming.)
Beach boys.
Last minute shopping for swim trunks and other miscellaneous things that we've put off.
Nights we're too excited to go to bed because it means we're 1 day closer to leaving. (eeeh!)
Referring to each other in our hawaiian names, Kalena and Makaio.
Sentences that start with, "OH! OH! Let's...."
And listening to this song...

I do love her voice.

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