Tuesday, February 7, 2012

waves be crashin

Well, February is here and Valentines Day is getting closer and closer. Last year I declared my everlasting love for the Valentine season, so I'll just ditto that post, mention the awesomeness of Ghost and Patrick Swayze (your husband likes that movie and When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seatle too? It's totally normal. I guess he is as mooshy as me!) and move on to an update.

My recovering is going well, but alas it is still going. I was surprised that it's almost been a month and I find my left shoulder and chest still extremely sore. For some reason I thought by now all the healing would be complete and, minus the limited range of motion instructions given to me by my doctors, I'd be feeling fine and back to my normal self. After whining about this to my husband he explained that it probably takes a while for the body to form scar tissue around the ICD and that's why it's still sore. I guess it comes down to playing the waiting game and trying to stay as busy as I can, without being able to raise my left any higher than my shoulder or lift more than 2 pounds, HA! Wish me luck...I feel insanity knocking at my door.

Ever since I was called to a position in the Activity Days Matt and I have been subbing for the nursery or primary almost every single week. I don't think I've been to relief society since before my surgery and quite frankly, I miss it! And no, I don't think that's a mean thing to say because let's be honest....every parent that came to drop off or pick up their child looked at Matt and I, laughed, and said, "I can't believe they put you in here...your never going to want to have kids now!" It's fun to get to play with the little kids and all, it's just a handful and can be a bit overwhelming. It's so much easier to sit at home and talk about how you'd raise kids than actually babysit them and have to test those theories out. Is it just us or is it the most awkward thing trying to discipline or take care of a screaming child you're not related to? Especially when you don't know that child, or their parents, that child is old enough to completely understand you and talk back, but instead continues to scream and glare at you right in the eyes as if trying to shoot laser beams at you. At the end of the 3rd hour this last Sunday Matt grabbed my arm and said, "I think we can go! Let's get out of here!" And as soon as we got the go-ahead, I was right behind him.

Matt has been doing well, but I think it's safe to say he's caught my craziness. It was bound to happen seeing as I am basically a 1-armed cripple (only for another 2-1/2 weeks!!) and he is sweet enough to worry about me overexerting myself. So on top of conquering all my "chores" and "major lifting" that includes vacuuming, laundry, bathroom cleaning (And I mean the works. This man pulled out the bleach and went to town on the master bath!) Matt's been going through some business changes that can be/are stressful. He's staying optimistic though and looking at these changes as a way to improve his company as well as his quality of life. It's a blessing and a curse to have a husband that owns his own business. I love that he has this passion and drive, that he's in charge and works the hours he wants, that he loves what he does and gets excited about his work. But it's definitely not for everyone. There is a lot of stress and trials that come with the territory and I'm glad that Matt and I make such a good team and are able to work through those times together. He also just got a call, as I was writing this, from the 1st counselor in the bishopric about a calling so I guess we'll get to see what kind of blessing the Lord has in mind for him.

As for Sawyer, that puppy is just a rock star at what he does: play, eat, and sleep. He continues to
baffle me every day. I don't know another dog that gets grossed out by his own poop and pee. Especially coming from a dog that use to not just play with his own poop but eat it! Taking him potty is becoming more and more difficult because the pup doesn't want to step on ground that's been marked before and I'm sorry but our back patio is only so big (or so small I should say.) Finally Matt has to pick him up and place him on the wood chips or grass. Sawyers gets annoyed and by touching the ground as little as possible, by balancing on as few paws as possible, starts his business. Then when he finishes he jumps, no...leaps from his spot onto the pavement where he's safe from the germs. On the bright side at least I know he's not one of those dogs that's rolling around in other animals feces and other sorts of grossness.

All in all life is good! I've noticed that things happen in waves. There are times of complete peace and happiness where all is right and perfect. These times are so wonderful and blissful but they eventually end and trials come so we can grow, hopefully becoming stronger and wiser. But hope is never lost. It won't be long before this wave crashes and we'll have that peace and still before the next wave comes.

So might as well enjoy the ride...
and these photos.

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  1. Remember when you were scared of the movie Ghost? As for the kiddos, I don't know if I am just really lucky and get good kids, or if I am just that talented, but from teaching preschool, and having callings in the nursery and sunbeams, I have had an awesome time. Email me if you want some of my ideas to keep things calm!