Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the vow

Matt and I have been celebrating Valentines Day all week by eating delicious heart shaped things, watching every kind of chick flick lifetime has to offer, along with a few favorites from our own collection (i.e. The Notebook and Ghost,) a small Valentine party with some friends, lots of lovin...and yes...this is the longest run-on sentence known to man.
Then yesterday we enjoyed the day together and saw The Vow before going out to dinner.
Dinner was fabulous. The movie was aight. Have you seen it? I'll just put this out there, let me know if you agree...

Rachel McAdams: Perfection.

Channing Tatum: Gorg.


Not so much. They have absolutely no chemistry. None.
I'm sorry but after her and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook? Forget about it. I was disappointed. But maybe I need to give it a second chance before I make my final decision.

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