Saturday, October 29, 2011

trunk or treat

Well it has been a fun weekend!
And as much as I love Halloween, I have to admit I'm pretty excited for it to be over. Not only because Christmas is my favorite holiday but also because all the scary movies on TV are beginning to really freak me out. And I know there is an easier solution than waiting for Halloween to be over...but the part of me that thinks I still like scary movies always wins when it comes to changing the channel or watching and getting scared, then changing the channel only after it's too late. I don't know what's happened, but the older I get the more scary movies get to me. I use to love getting scared. Now, I can't even wash my face without Matt standing behind me (massaging my back, 'cause he's sweet like that) and talking to me. Otherwise, I always get too scared and open my eyes resulting in soapy eyes which really hurts and is no fun for anyone.

So, yeah, I don't know how much more my eyes could have handled.

But anyway, as I was saying...this weekend has been so fun! Yesterday we went to dinner with my father and mother-in-law at the most delicious and cute Italian pizzeria. I wish I had pictures because my words can't do it justice. After that we went and saw In Time with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, both of whom I love. The movie was entertaining but the real treat was spending time with my in-laws. They know how to give you a good time.

Then today we had our stakes Trunk or Treating. Matt was (suppose to be) the Grinch but ended up just being a "Christmas person" as he put it. I was Martha May Whovier, his lover, and Sawyer was Max. We got so many compliments on the originality of our costumes. I guess nobody in California had ever done Christmas for Halloween before. We're thinking we might make it a tradition.

My hair was so tall I kept knocking it on the bells and lights...and everything else.

Close up of my hair.
It weighed about 50 pounds and gave my neck a good work out.

Hi Mr. Bean. Patiently waiting while we set up.
We went all out and even decorated the tailgate with Christmas lights and decorations. It was so much fun seeing all the costumes and getting to visit with everyone. This was the first year we've handed out candy ever and it made me feel so old and a good way. That being said, on Monday Matt and I will probably go trick or treating ourselves :)

Our good friends and their brand new baby.
Trick or Treat!

I don't know if we'll ever grow out of that. We might not ever have to! Think about it. Everyone get's a hoot that we go now, and then eventually we'll have kids as an excuse to go. This way we'll know where all the good houses are to take them. You know which ones I'm talking about, where you get full size candy bars and it feels like you just won a mini lottery. Yeah, those houses.

No red, orange and yellow leaves here.

Sawyer's one and only love: my in-law's westie, Molly.
They were so happy to see each other.

Sawyer was the most behaved little pup. He even wore his antlers almost the whole time. He made his Mama proud.

As you can probably tell, we're very much ready for Christmas. I think not having the colorful leaves and hopes of a white Christmas make the Christmas cravings that much worse. We might go a little over board this year. Bring it on.

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  1. You guys are so cute. I LOVE Sawyer's antlers. We went to our ward party even though we felt weird because we don't have kids yet... And we didn't even wear costumes! We were so lame this year, but I intend on making up for it next year!
    Oh and you are getting me too excited for Christmas!