Wednesday, April 6, 2011

pee on windows

The husb and I are currently in Santa Barbara apartment hunting. We got here Monday night and in the last 48 hours have seen more apartments, condos and town homes than 1 person should EVER have to see in their entire lives.

We have found a few that seem almost perfect, but the soybean throws a wrench in it. Not saying we'd ever trade Sawyer for good housing...but, you get what I mean. One lady we were talking to on the phone put it like this:

O.P. (which stands for Old Person): "No pets!! I don't allow it...they just pee all over the windows!!"


Now that I think of it...we do have a pretty big problem. Not only does Sawyer pee all over the windows but on the ceiling, our TV, on top of the fridge...Haha! Good grief.

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