Monday, April 11, 2011

apartment hunt continues

Santa Barbara!!

Matt and I just got back from our trip to Santa Barbara where we were looking for a place to live for when we move there. We went out very optimistic with high hopes of finding an apartment in one week. Ha! Yes. We are very silly people.

Things we've learned.
1. Costs of renting and living are triple what they are here in Utah.
2. There are real live gangs with real live stabbings and shootings in Santa Barbara and this affects where you want to live.
3. It doesn't matter what king of ghetto we live in...we'll turn it into our home.

And that's the most important thing. We're a little family and the most important thing is being together. Including Sawyer. We had no idea when we bought Sawyer 5 months ago how much he'd mean to us. But we missed that little stinker so much!! When we got back he wouldn't leave our side. He kept jumping in our suitcase with his ball, haha.

Anyway, the point is we are homeless. Ok, not currently but we're moving out April 29th and if we don't find a place to live by then...welp, let's think happy thoughts =)


  1. good luck!! Alex and I were just there in all of those spots y'all were taking pictures! :) Glad we'll have y'all there when we go visit!

  2. I hate looking for apartments... Good luck! We thought we had one locked in, but they decided they hated us because we have a german shepherd. Racists. Anyway, we are about two hours away from Topsail! Next time you are out here let me know! I am excited to get all up into your lives.