Monday, April 25, 2011

boxes are consuming my life

I can't believe it's already almost May!

and that this long, exhausting semester is almost over!

And lastly....I really can't believe in 4 days Mr. Matthew and I will finally be making the move to California.

...Did I mention we found an apartment?
Well, technically Matt's Dad and step-mom found it. Which means, we still haven't seen it. But we signed a 12 month lease on it. Yeah...kinda can't believe that either.


  1. We did the same thing when we moved to Seattle, we signed a year lease on an apartment we have never seen in a neighborhood we knew nothing about. But at least you had his parents to look at it, we had nothing but the internet. haha.

  2. Oh my goodness! Haha. Tell me it turned out wonderfully! =) Haha. It must have! You seem very happy!

  3. We did that too Glenna when we moved here to D.C.! We hadn't seen the place and signed a year long contract! It worked out great! We love our place and could not be happier! Plus the good thing is at least you know it is only a year so worst case stinks and you move out in a year! I still can't believe you are actually moving! Can we come visit? I love Santa Barbara!!!! Miss you so much right now! Love to you and Matthew! :)

  4. Glenna! We need to get together before y'all GO!!! (sad.)

  5. Yes, it did work out, we are very happy with our apartment and it sounds like you are happy with your new apartment! HURRAY!