Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Is Coming and Matt Is Getting Fat!

Christmas is officially 18 days away!!!

But who's counting??
I've only been waiting for this time of year ALL year =)

Things have been busy as usual and as I promised I'm here to catch up and unload the happy and bad of recent events. I've debated with myself, again, about how much to share but because I am the sassy...some might say obnoxious and immature...person I am =)

I'm not going to hold back. ...names will be named.

I'm going to start with the bad because if I don't then it will be on my mind all night, verses ending with the happy, uplifting things then I can focus on those.

The Bad: My sweet, loving and precious sister has an eye for dirt bags. I think it's her giving and loving nature that makes her so appealing to these men because...obviously, people like my sister are the most easy to take advantage. And although she's been with Jose for way too long, after recent events we had a glimpse of hope. She made the brave decision to leave him. This was a huge step because she could finally have some space and time to really think and more importantly HEAL - mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Some very much needed thinking and healing. Time for her to be alone, in a healthy and nurturing environment instead of what she's been exposed to since she's been with him. Unfortunately, to me and my families dismay (at least some of us) she's back with him as of this past Friday.

Now, some of you may be thinking I'm not just obnoxious and immature, but RUDE and INAPPROPRIATE...all I have to say to those of you, what about this situation isn't rude or inappropriate? I refuse to turn my back to it and pretend it's not happening ANY LONGER!! This is me making my stand. Saying it's not right. And I don't like it. If it makes you feel better, think of this as my way of "informing" since apparently that's not bad. Information is power, so all I'm doing is empowering.

Ok. Now onto happier things!

On November 29th I turned 23 and it was pretty much perfection. And not just because Matt gave me a week long birthday full of spoiling, presents and lovin'. But because we did my absolute favorite thing...Christmas Tree Hunting!!

So we cheated a little and didn't actually cut it down ourselves but instead went to Fredrico's Christmas tree Farm and picked one out. But I must say, Fredrico's trees were Beautiful! There were tons of eligible tree's begging us to take them home, decorate and love them but I think it's safe to say we picked the most beautiful tree of all time!

It doesn't look that big but soon as we got to our apartment and tried to get it into the elevator (which is a service elevator and can comfortably fit a king size bed) we were laughing so hard! It must have looked so funny because this old couple came out of their apartment and saw us and literally stood and watched us. By the time Matt and I finally realized we had an audience the old man was giggling and said we reminded him of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. And who doesn't love that Christmas classic! we took it as a compliment.

Once we got it inside our apartment. We got busy taking out all the Christmas decorations and started tackling putting the lights on the tree...which was SO much more difficult that it sounds!

After making 2 Walmart trips and 9 strands of lights and only being 2/3rds done with the tree...we had to decide whether we wanted Christmas or Christmas lights.

Haha. J.K.

Finally after 11 strands of lights (each strand was 87 feet!) and about 2 days of dedicated tree wrapping our tree was finished!! And boy was it worth it!

Fun story, just as I put the star on top I noticed a small spider drop RIGHT BY MY HAND. Being the baby I am when it comes to spiders I screamed bloody murder and Matt came running to my rescue. Our conversation follows:


Matt: *confused and panicked* What?! What?!?!


Matt: Where??


Matt: Where? I don't see it?

Me: THERE!!! KILL IT!!!!

During all of this, my Mom sits calmly on the couch...not sure exactly what she's doing...Haha.

Matt: *Hands me a paper towel to crush it* I still don't see it...

I was hyperventilating by this point because my attempt at squishing it failed and as I slowly opened the paper towel the spider crawled out and towards my hand.

Me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! *Throws paper towel on the ground towards Matt and climbs higher up the ladder*

Matt: *still confused* Is it dead??

Me: *Pointing at the carpet at what appears to be a little black dot* NO! It's alive!! KILL IT!!

Finally Matt smashed it with his finger. After this we had our first "spider discussion." I think I almost gave him a heart attack and we now have a Spider Plan. Haha.

But even though our tree had a spider, I still love it! It's beautiful to the eyes.


This is the wonderful beginning of our first Christmas being married!! My only complaint...Where has all the snow gone?? Come on, Orem! Don't let me down!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!

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  1. She's back with Jose?! AHHHHHH!!! I'm so sorry that you're stressed about this. We are too, but being so far away, we feel helpless. Pray like the dickens, girl.