Monday, December 6, 2010

Apartment Life

Well, I've had some requests to post a video or pictures of Matt and I's new apartment and I've finally gotten on top of it.

Here are the Dwellings of the Hubs and I =)

Our Sanctuary.

This is our entry hallway.

Hallway table.

At the end of the hallway on the left, the kitchen!

Close-up of kitchen...and Santa treats jar =)

From the kitchen, the living room.

Christmas tree.

The couch view.

Christmas stockings and Nativity display! Guess who's stocking is who's? =)

Reading nook.

Balcony to the left of the living room (also connected with master bedroom.)

View from living room to kitchen.

Gingerbread man and woman's house.

And I guess blogger wont let me add any more photos to one post. Stay tuned for Apartment Life 2.


  1. ok you should have seen our first newlywed apartment near campus. such a hole in the wall and all our 2 pieces of furniture were busted, no TV because we couldn't afford one, freeezing cold with a weird heater that was really a hot rod that went across the window seal.

    your pad is happening!

  2. Yours is the bear stocking----yes?!