Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pooh. Lots and lots of pooh.

This morning as I was getting ready for school I heard the following as Matt went to give Sawyer his breakfast.

Matt: Sawyer! Hey buddy!.....Sawyer, Nooo!!

*paws pattering around, metal clanking*

Matt: There's pooh everywhere!! Sawyer, no...why'd you eat it?!?

*the sound of pattering paws quickens and I can tell he's running around now*

Matt: How'd you get it over there??? Sawyer! Ewww. I'm going to throw up...Sawyer! Why'd you do that??

He then begins to explain to me from the living room what appears to be, only what I can imagine, a disgusting pooh war zone.

See, lately our little soy bean has been showing a special hankering for his pooh. We have tried the Nasty Habit pills from PetSmart, and now a prescription strength powder from the vet...we'll see how that goes.

Yes, our perfect little puppy is getting older and more mischievous already. Which worries me because they say it's not until 8 months that a dog reaches it's adolescent age and really starts to rebel. Good thing we start puppy training classes on Thursday!

Look how different he looks from when we first got him already!!

Awe, precious moments...even if he is a big pooh mess.

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  1. Ryan and Lilli bust up laughing when they read the title of this post.! Sawyer is adorable!