Monday, January 24, 2011

Motivation Inspiration

It's Monday morning and I have so many things I SHOULD be doing and here I sit...reading blogs!! I say this like it's a bad thing because for some reason I feel like the only reading I should be doing, is out of my text books. Gah! However, I've decided something.

Blogging has a bad rep because it's so wonderfully distracting. It's simply too fun to read the adventures of your peers and others around you...and it very well could turn into a big monster waste of a time. But! What if spending hours reading others blogs is perfectly fine considering...

1. It motivates you to get off your fat butt and do something.
2. It inspires you to be a better person. The best person you can be. This can be through school, work, your relationship with your husband.

What if it helped you want to improve! And not just want but actually gave you the motivation you lacked before to DO it?? Yes.

So I'm embarking on an adventure. My inspiration-motivation journey. And this is my first tiger to tackle.

I can't cook. It's not that I just DON'T cook...I really CAN'T cook. It's quite pathetic and I'm very ashamed seeing as I came from not only a mother that is the most amazing cook in the world, but my entire heritage is about cooking! I'm part Armenian. That's what we do. Cook and Eat. And then cook more because it wasn't enough and eat more...and then after that we eat while we laugh and play. So you can see my dilemma here...

But now I've been inspired!

After reading the most darling and fun blog, EVER! Maybe you've heard of Lauren? I heart her blog. And this is just one of her many posts that get me stoked to conquer the kitchen and show it who's boss. Wouldn't it be wonderful to surprise Matt sometime with this not only glamorous but DELICIOUS meal?? I can pretty much see the look on his face now. Besides. What says, "I love you" more than a wife that cooks her husband food?

I just did my first link. I think I deserve a pat on the back =)

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