Monday, September 27, 2010

Surprise Update!


How could I have forgotten!

Ok. So 2 posts ago Matt said he had some things to pick up, he wouldn't tell me what and after he got back home he was acting all mischievous and giggly. He told me I couldn't go pass the living room to the back of the apartment. (I'll eventually take pictures and post them of our new place so it makes more sense.) Anyway! He was back there forever and I was pretty much going insane but OH! It was WELL worth the wait!

Ha. I guess Matt decided I needed a little relaxing =)

He brought my robe out to me, fresh from the dryer so it was hot and toasty and told me to put it on. After that he took me back into our bedroom which he had totally transformed into a spa, candles, music, everything included. I seriously wish I had taken a picture because it was magical.

I guess he was taking notes from the massages we got because he got it perfectly. The sheets and towels were even heated. I was in a coma, drooling. Then after that he made me a nice warm bubble bath to just complete the relaxation.


So yeah =) My surprise wasn't anything more than Matt taking care of me and watching out for his baby. Haha. It made me really aware about what the small things can do. I feel spoiled. And it made me feel so loved! Everyone says we're just newly weds...nah. We've always been like this and I believe we'll always TRY to as well, even when life get's busy. I believe my Grandma Glenna more than anything when she told me, "It's a lie. Your honeymoon never has to end."

So I challenge all of you reading the same for your spouse!! After you know they've had a grueling day, put the babies to sleep, buy a couple packs of candles for 6 bucks at Walmart, pop their robe and towels in the dryer and WA LA!! Give your lover a night at the spa =)

This is kind of what it looked like...minus the shower on the wall.

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