Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ooooh, surprises!

Hello Blogging World!!

It is me, Glenna May. Yes, I decided to stop slacking and come say, Hi...actually, I just lied...The truth is, Matt has decided to surprise me with something and I am banned from the back of our apartment, so I have nothing to do!

Our NEW apartment by the way. We are finally getting everything sorted after a week of moving and it looks grand.

But ANYWAY! Back to the surprise! I am so curious! I wonder what it could be. He ran out to grab something while I took a shower and when he came back he was acting all mischievous and smiling at me and now I'm not allowed past the living room.


Could it be a present?
Like a pair of new shoes?
...Or maybe he got something cute for the apartment?

The suspense is killing me!! I'll definitely have to keep you people updated. OH! And with pictures of our new home too. Wahoo! It was definitely a blessing in disguise...stupid land lord people.

Well, time to go get my surprise on! Ciao.

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