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Where are we moving? I haven't a clue. When are we moving? Well, before Sept 30th, I can tell you that much. Oh snap! This is only one of the few exciting things have happened in the Bartlett home. The first...we're finally back from California and Idaho! You probably didn't even know we had left...

Side Note: We went to California to visit Matt's parents, I had a cardiologist appointment, yaddah yaddah yaddah. THEN! Straight from the airport we drove up to Idaho to visit my brother and sister-in-law with my other brother Stefen and Mama.

It was really nice to get away, but I'll tell you, I've never missed home more. I will never take for granted waking up in my own bed, in a familar place, with just Matt looking at me instead of some hispanic gardner peering in through the window. Ok, it really wasn't that bad but they're doing construction so there was always somebody out there working...and I bet they could look in and see us. My point is, there truly is no place like home! Which actually wont be home for much longer...but I'll get to that later.

Concerning Idaho. I have a confession. I think I warmed up to it a little while we were there. It was just super good visiting Artene and Caryn. We never get to see them, and this was only the 2nd time I've been to their home in Rexburg. Caryn is so cute! She's completely decorated it with crafts she did herself...I was seriously impressed. Don't ask me how she does it all while taking care of Lili, my niece. Speaking of Lili, I love her. Usually she's really shy at first but since we were in her turf she warmed up to us so much more quickly. She is seriously the cutest little girl ever! I would give some examples but then I'd spend the whole day trying to put her awesomeness into words and still come short. However, you know what they say IS worth 1,000 words? A picture. And I have 6 of those =)

Meet Lili...

Isn't she so stinking cute!! I gave her my sunglasses
during sacrament meeting. Yeah, we were all dying.

Now, just imagine her saying, "See ya, Sucka."

I taught her this pose.

This is just her being her.


She calls me "Aunt Nanny" and this is
Aunt Nanny giving her a lolli pop!

Besides what are Aunt and Uncles for if not sugar overdoses? Haha.

And now for the sad tale of why we are moving from our home. We were actually planning on living here in our nice little condo for a while. Well, until I finished school and stuff. But then we met with our friend Chris to pick up my new Mac laptop (BOOYA!! Matt surprised me with it and I have to is awesome!!) Anyway, moving on. So Chris and his fiance Katie are getting married...
Another Side Note: Chris and Katie have been long awaiting this engagement!! We are all so stinking excited!! Aaaaah!!
so they're getting married and we were just talking about that and he brings up their future new apartment. And it sounded AmAzInG! We were kind of curious. He told us he was going to pick up the key later that day and invited us to go with him and check it out. We couldn't refuse! All this talk about new, nice apartments, with actual AC (not lame swamp coolers that make everything sticky and moldy) really made us start thinking about moving. But being the responsible adults we are, we thought before we do anything we should check with our landlords and see when our contract ended etc. etc. Just to see what was up so we don't leave them hanging. Well!! We were shocked at the response we got.

Our landlord responded instantly by telling us our lease didn't end until Nov 30th, which is false, and that before we can move out we have to paint the walls back to ugly white, AND that we were really demanding and if we moved out she wouldn't give us a good referral. Whaaaaa? Ok, first of all, AFTER she opened her eye balls and looked at the contract it does end Sept 30th, like we thought it did. Second of all we were planning on painting the walls back white, hello? Remember, Brian the convict painter? We're tight. Thirdly, how in the hoozy have we been demanding?? And fourthly...lady we don't need your referral. All of our previous landlords love us. Vickie, from Belmont, pretty much wants Matt and still calls us all the time. Our landlord now should love us! We pay rent on time. We've completely cleaned and fixed up her place. Our neighbors have told us, "I've never seen that apartment look better" And believe me, I know! I baptized this place before we moved in, down to taking off all the light fixtures and vents and fans. It use to be nasty, straight up nasty.

I'm just really confused by the whole situation actually. The way she was talking...sounded like she didn't want us to move out. Like threatening us would really work? Eww. How does she think that would make us want to stay? If anything now we feel uncomfortable and awkward. we're moving no matter what =| And just like that. BAM! I have no idea where we'll be in 2 months. Wow. Trippy.

I actually think it's quite perfect. Maybe this is the push we needed to get out of Provo. Orem here we come!! Hahahahaha!!! Oh goodness. Provo to Orem? At least it's something. We looked at 2 apartments today - we act fast - after all school starts next week for me and the week after that is Fort Brider, and tomorrow we're looking at 2 more. *Sighs* I love that life keeps me on my toes.

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  1. Aren't landlords the greatest? What a hoochy.