Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It's about time I came out...
I am an addict.

I feel so ashamed, so weak. But now it's out...I have an addiction. There are several kinds, none of them pretty and I am here to talk about them. Some addictions involve pills or alcohol, some tanning, or addictions to your phone...mine just happens to involve Grey's Anatomy. If you haven't heard of Grey's Anatomy, let me educate you. Simply put...it's a drama about a group of medical doctors. It has love, it has friendship, it has death and miracles. It has every ingredient to a wonderfully intoxicating TV show...and I am doomed....DOOMED.

I am so addicted.

I'd seen people around me who had THEIR TV shows, trying to pretend it's like a hobby instead of accepting what it actually is...an addiction. I was always so glad I wasn't tied to the TV. Once in a while I had a show I really liked but we'd just download the series and watch them at our pleasure. Have a nice movie night at home. But now, I'm one of them.

Once I had real hobbies...about a week ago, before I met Dr. Meredith Grey and the rest of the employees at Seattle Grace Hospital. I use to read, do crafts, clean, visit friends and family...I now spend my evenings curled up on the couch drooling over the lives of these (imaginary) people/surgeons. Not only is it a life long dream of mine to some day be a nurse and work in emergency medicine, saving peoples lives-making a difference, but what you feel and experience is so real. As lame as that sounds, Haha.

It's not an easy trial but it's one I have to face. Matt say's he'll be there with me through all the seasons...and luckily we're already almost onto season 3. Then the madness can end. Until then, it will be my burden to see if Dr. Grey and Dr. Shepherd ever get back together.

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  1. Welcome to my life while I was pregnant. I got through all six seasons in a matter of a couple months!