Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Twenty Four

Fifty divided by two, minus one equals how old I turned on November 29th.

I'm now 24 and after what felt like a month of birthday celebrating I'm so happy to say that I had the best birthday I've ever had. And not just was my birthday absolutely amazing but my entire 23rd year was such a blast!

Shout out to those who made it so very special:
My husband loves me and spoils me rotten. And not with just presents, massages and waiting on my hand and foot, but emotionally, spiritually and mentally. He is my companion in every way and takes care of me in ways I couldn't even take care of myself. He inspires me. He uplifts me. He encourages me to push myself. He makes me feel worth while and important. We make each other laugh. We're constantly playing and having fun with each other. His smile makes my heart skip. His kisses make me melt. And we are each others eternal companions.

My in laws also love me and spoil me rotten. When I have something on my mind or need someone to talk to, Karen (my mother in law) is just a phone call away. Some of our most fun and enjoyable dates are double dates with Matt's Dad and Karen. They are honest. They are hard working. They are generous and giving. They're kind and friendly to everyone. They have an ability to make anyone feel like a million bucks and share their love and testimony with everyone. They are people I have really come to admire and respect and hope to some day be like them.

So here's to 24!! Bring it on :)

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