Friday, December 9, 2011

the adventures of a pup named sawyer, part 1

Our close friends recently had a baby and while enjoying Sunday dinner with them at the in-laws, we all about died when we saw Sawyers reaction to little Jaxon.

I think it's natural for any puppy owners to be a little nervous and hesitant when introducing their dog to new people and situations. Especially brand new baby kind of situations. I wish we had recorded the way he stood up on his hind legs to get a better look at Jaxon and then smiled so big. (Yup, dogs smile! If you've never seen it, it kind of looks like a snarl but totally different. They show all their teeth like that but their lips are pulled back, not up.) The entire rest of the day he followed baby Jaxon around, at a safe distance, and then he'd slowly walk up to him and smile at him. It was so adorable!

Sawyer really is so in tune to peoples energy. I think he could sense Jaxon's innocence and purity and was so mild and respectful. Even our friends thought it was so cute and completely trusted having Sawyer around. They couldn't stop talking about how sweet he was.

There are so many stories like this that make Sawyer unique and special and I really am thankful to have him as my puppy. I think back all the time to that night Matt and I randomly decided to go to the pet store. When Matt saw Sawyer he fell in love with his speckled paws right away. I actually needed more convincing and wanted to get a different dog. But as soon as I held Sawyer in my hands and he snuggled up to my neck and started licking me with his delicious puppy breath, I melted. There's a saying, "Dogs choose their owners" if that's true I feel so very blessed and grateful that he chose us! And that I gave him a chance and didn't go with a different, lamer dog :)

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