Thursday, September 8, 2011


September is here, which means school has started, which means as excited as I was for this semester to start I am already that much excited for it to end. My friends I do not like online classes.

So as a way to procrastinate the tortures of having to actually read my textbook and lectures (as if listening to them wasn't bad enough)...I have found a post by a beautiful blogger that put perfectly the kind of place I want to live. And so that's where I'll be, mentally, day dreaming of our future home right on a lake surrounded by the beautiful things this world is.

p.s. Can I say how excited I am that Matt is totally stoked about living by a lake instead of the ocean?!?! Not having to worry about sharks, or jelly fish? Yes please!

p.p.s. What spell was cast on Matt and I that we can't stay in a place longer than 6 months without getting antsy to pick up and move somewhere new??

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